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… Back then, boat launches on the lake could not accommodate sailboats with large keels or centerboards. About the only place those boats could go in the lake was at a location east of Wayzata. It was a small fiberglass sailboat dealership and private marina called Reed’s Quiet World that was owned and operated by Reed Holmgren. Pat and his wife Marilyn rented a buoy there for a year or so, then rented a slip for his Daysailor.

According to Maloney, in the fall of 1964, Reed’s brother Bob Holmgren approached Sals Adams, Peter Van Dusen, Franklin “Muzzy” Crosby and other keelboat owners, about buying Reed’s facilities on 350 feet of shoreline for $15,000 and forming a new organization called the Wayzata Yacht Club (WYC). The boat owners were definitely interested and the negotiating began. Holmgren also drafted a set of bylaws for the new club to consider.

After months of haggling, head scratching and numbers crunching, a deal was finally reached to buy the property for $12,000 in April 1965. Crosby was named Commodore Pro Tem. The first official membership meeting was held on June 23, 1965, to adopt bylaws and elect officers. Walt Brantingham became the first elected Commodore and served for two years. Other officers were George Mann, Vice Commodore; Patrick Maloney, Secretary; Jim Turrittin, Treasurer; and Peter Van Dusen, Race Chairman.

“That was the beginning”


… the WYC prides itself on being non-exclusive and welcomes people interested in learning how to sail to come to the club and sit at a special table that says “Crew Looking for a Ride.” “They can just walk in off the street, take a seat at that table and get a ride on a sailboat that’s going to be in a race,” Pat said. “I think that has brought new members to the club more than anything else. Another thing that people like is we have free beer after races.”


“… Now that the sailing school is next door to us, the Wayzata Sailing Foundation trains 700 to 750 kids every summer.” Pat was the founder of the WSF and served as its President for the first seven years. “We also offer boats and coaches to the University of Minnesota, the Wayzata School District, Benilde St. Margaret, and Providence Academy … During the next 50 years, I think that is going to be where many of our future sailors come from.”

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